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    Rob Cashin

    Hi folks. Somewhat new to the site and forum. I’ve been picking away at my family history for a few years … just casually, what I can find on the internet and through contacts there. (Cashin, Janes, Christopher, Pynn)

    I’ve tried a few desktop programs, and have limited access to sites like MyAncestry and Ancestry.com. It appears there may be some value in getting a paid subscription to one of these sites.

    What I’m wondering is whether from a NEWFOUNDLANDer’s point of view, does one particular site have any advantage over others? Will I find some sites to be more U.S.-centric, perhaps? Also, it seems (correct me if I’m wrong) that here in Newfoundland we seem to have much more genealogy information posted online, freely available, than in other areas. Therefore, does that diminish the value of these pay sites?

    Thanks for any feedback on that question in particular, or any advice in general.

    Rob Cashin

    Mary Childers

    Hi Rob. I am new to this site, but I am very familiar with Ancestry.com. I live in the US and am trying to find my ancestors from Newfoundland so I subscribed to Ancestry’s World Explorer. I haven’t found anything useful on it in regards to my Canadian ancestors. It has helped a lot in locating information in the US, but it hasn’t helped at all with my Newfoundland research.

    Hope this helps.

    Rob Cashin

    Hi Mary 🙂 Yes, this helps … at the very least, it tells me that I can’t consider its usefulness a given. Coincidentally, a friend started a subscription today after hearing me droning on incessantly at work, about family research 🙂 He’s letting me use his account for a few days to see for myself. I haven’t had much time to fiddle with it just yet.

    I’m assuming you are aware of some of the online NL genealogy resources like http://ngb.chebucto.org/

    Just out of curiosity, what families are you researching her in NL?

    And thanks again for the response 🙂


    Mitch Armbruster

    Hello. I currently have an ancestry.com subscription with world explorer access to help track down non-U.S. ancestors, especially my Vanston/Stafford ancestors from Newfoundland (emigrated to U.S. 1860s). I haven’t found any useful non-U.S. docs yet. I am wondering whether I should be engaging the resources of this NL website, but that’s another $42 i see.


    It isn’t a paid site but familysearch.org is always the best choice.


    Personally, I have had the paid subscription to Ancestry.ca, not worth it – half of what is on there you have to take and back up elsewhere. I have found ancestors that according to the information on there, died and a little over 100 years AFTER their death had children (obviously not correct). I do highly recommend the http://ngb.chebucto.org/ website! Lots of information on there, another good one is the GenWeb website for NL research. I am not sure of this website currently as I am very new to it.

    Kim Lawton

    Hi, Rob … I see your post was a couple of years ago, so I hope you get this answer!! I also have Janes and Pynn’s in my family … where are your folks from? Thanks! Kim

    Rob Cashin

    Hi Kim … yep, I think I sorta figured out the answer.

    (Thanks everyone for the responses, and Crystal, I tend to agree – some of the free online NL stuff is some of the best = most useful) that I have found.

    Kim, the my Janes and Pynns are not related to each other. Dad’s mom was a Pynn, Mom’s dad was a Janes. My Pynn’s are one of the better documented branches I have – they’ve been in Harbour Grace for a looonnngg time (16-1700’s). The Janes, not so much. My maternal grandfather settled in Grand Falls, so I have a lot of relatives there, but he came from Random Island (Petley or Britannia). I suspect his family at some point had roots across Trinity Bay, in Hants Harbour, but I have not found anything definitive.

    How about you … your Janes and Pynns?


    Actually I am very happy with Ancestry.com but I subscribed to the British site only. Since most of my Newfoundland ancestors came from Britain I have found this to be extremely useful. I have yet to try the world subscription and look for Newfoundland ancestors. True most of the Ancestry stuff can be found elsewhere, but isn’t it nice that you can go to one place instead of spending countless hours looking all over?

    It seems to me that most of the information on Newfoundland is still to be transcribed so if we want to see it online we should probably volunteer in that effort. It is very frustrating to belong to a society year after year and find the same information only, especially when I am in a different country and have no real access to the physical records themselves. I think the Family History society is trying hard to fix that so kudos to them. But I would like to see it in my lifetime.


    There is a great deal of misinformation on Family Search, as well as other online sites. Much of it comes from the ease of copy/paste. They might be good places to gather information, but be sure to check against the vital records or with traditional family records such as people who record family members that they actually know. I’ve also found a great deal of misinfo on genealogy.com. None of the posts are vetted for accuracy, so you have to do it yourself. Even the VR might be off by mistakes of the recorder, but most are at least close.

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