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    My grandmother, Clara Fowler (Born in Topsail in 1899) was placed in an orphanage from around 1903 to 1914. Does anyone know if there is any public data available that might list the residents of St Michael’s Orphanage (Belvedere) or any other orphanage in the St John’s area that would have taken in girls?

    Karen Bearns

    I would love to be able to get some information as well regarding my great grandmother Lucy Bennett who lived at Belvedere after her father died in 1892. I am going to check with the Sisters of Mercy and hopefully I have luck there but I am not sure if they have someone who can assist with type of request. Has anyone else ever had any luck getting information regarding the time someone spent in an orphanage?


    My great grandfather was apparently placed in an orphanage sometime in the 1860’s to 1870’s in the Portugal Cove or Torbay area. The stories that were passed down in our family are that there was an old lady who was called “Granny” Walsh that had taken him in, as well as his sister. Apparently “Granny” Walsh took in all the orphaned children in the area. Does anyone have any further information about “Granny” Walsh?


    My Mother and 2 siblings were at Belvedere sometime between 1926 and 1930, her brother died of meningitis while he was there.


    Sorry names were Michel, Winifred and Josephine Cousins


    Hi, I am trying to find out what happened to an aunt who was placed at possibly Belvedere Orphanage in 1911 from Port au Port. She is listed on the 1921 St John’s East census but no name is given for the orphanage. Her name is Elizabeth(Bessie) Barrett she was born in Port au Port in 1905/06. Her father was Roderick John Barrett and he died possibly 1911, after his death her mother Mary Marie Barrett(White) could not support the children. Elizabeth’s 2 brothers Daniel and William were also placed at Mount Cashel Orphanage and they are listed on the 1921 census also, however their outcome is known as one of them is my husband’s father William. If anyone knows what became of Elizabeth we would greatly appreciate the information.

    Thanks Linda

    Tiffany Kennedy

    Hi, how do we find information about a relative who was in an orphanage or their medical records in Newfoundland?

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