Roberta Thomas, Archivist

Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador

July 2005

Table of Contents

Introduction and acknowledgements

Fonds level description

List of series and sub-series

Series and file descriptions

Index to names in the vital statistics files


The Sydney Gordon Myles fonds represents a significant resource for genealogists researching families from the south coast of Newfoundland, particularly the area from Burgeo to Channel-Port aux Basques. The fonds was donated to the Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogical Society in 1997. Preliminary arrangement and description was carried out under a Summer Career Placement Program in 2000, with the advice from the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives' Professional Development Officer. Roberta Thomas was contracted to produce the final guide in October 2001.


This Guide was funded by a grant from the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA), administered by the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA). The Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogical Society gratefully acknowledges the support of both these organizations.

Patrick Walsh,

Fonds description


S. Gordon Myles fonds - 1984-1996. - 2.41 meters textual records

Biographical sketch

    Gordon Myles was born Sydney Gordon Miles at Grand Bruit, Newfoundland, on March 15, 1936. He was the son of Marjorie Florence Billard and Roy Cameron Miles. The Miles family moved to Sudbury, Ontario when Gordon was 14. He completed grade 8 at Grand Bruit and subsequently attended the Sudbury Mining and Technical Institute Secondary School, graduation from grade 10 in 1952. The family changed their name from Miles to Myles when they moved to Sudbury, because it was a more widely recognized spelling of the name. Gordon was successful at school and was the recipient of a number of awards. In 1953 Myles' father, mother and sister were killed in a boating accident, and Gordon went to live with his aunt and uncle, Dorothy and Ross Billard. He finished secondary school in 1955, and enrolled in Victoria College, University of Toronto, graduating four years later with an honours degree in history. Immediately after graduating, Gordon was employed as a researcher with the Ontario-St. Lawrence Development Commission and the following September, (1959) he went to work at the Public Archives of Ontarion in Toronto.

    Gordon Myles married Marilyn Janet Hussey in 1960. The same year, he enrolled at Ontario College of Education in Toronto, and in 1961, he was hired by the Etobicoke Board of Education. Five year later he became the head of the history department at a new school under the Etobicoke Board. In 1974 he took a year's leave to study at the University of Toronto School of Library Science and was awarded a master's degree in December 1976. In 1979 he was appointed head of the Library Department in the Etobicoke School system.

    Gordon and Marilyn had three children; a baby boy who died shortly after birth in 1963; Monica Diana Myles, born July 21, 1965 and Leah Elizabeth, born February 28, 1969. In 1979, Gordon and Marilyn separated. Following a divorce in 1983, Gordon married Gloria Maria (Kitts) Miller. He began his family research in 1984, continuing intil his death in 1996.

Scope and content

    The fonds consists of Gordon Myles family and community research files. It includes an exhaustive collection of genealogical material as well as some completed family histories and a history of the community of Grand Bruit on the south coast of Newfoundland. The main families included in Myles study are the Billard, Kinslow, Myles/Miles, MacDonald/McDonald and Melbourne. The research material consists of photocopies from parish records, cemetery inscriptions, census, land grants, newspapers, directories and yearbooks and published material. Myles research notes are meticulously complied and organized, and include questionnaires, pedigree charts, data sheets containing vital statistics and draft monographs. Duplicated material has been removed from the fonds. News clippings have been photocopied and the originals destroyed.


    The fonds has been organized into seven series and sub-series to clarify the original order. Order within the files has been maintained. Series are:

    1. Correspondence.
    2. Family history.
    3. Community history, Grand Bruit.
    4. Vital statistics.
    5. Family records (genealogies).
    6. Name files.
    7. Research material.

Source of title

    Supplied title based on provenance

Accompanying material

    Three photographs (copy prints) are included with the fonds. Also included is a copy of Maryl Weatherburn, "Changing Ecologic Adaptation in a Newfoundland Fishing Community" unpublished MA Thesis.

Dates of creation

    All the material was collected or created between 1984 and 1996. In the case of photocopies and transcripts, the dates of the original material is included in the file level description.

Source of acquisition

    Donated by Gloria Myles, the widow of Gordon Myles, in 1997.

Finding Aid

    Finding aid is available to the file level. Index to names is included.


    Newfoundland - Genealogy - South west coast

    Newfoundland communities - Grand Bruit


    Billard family

    Kinslow family

    Miles/Myles family

    MacDonald/McDonald family

    Melbourne family

List of series and sub-series

Series 1: Correspondence - 1984-1996 - 25 cm

Series 2: Family history - 1984-1996 - 84 cm

    2.01 The Billard family

    2.02 The Melbourne family

    2.03 The MacDonald/McDonald family

    2.04 The Kinslow family

    2.05 The Myles/Miles family

Series 3: Community history - Grand Bruit - 198- -199-. -14 cm

Series 4: Vital Statistics - 1984-1996. - 60 cm

    4.01 SPG returns and reports

    4.02 Cemetery Notes

    4.03 Transcripts of Parish Registers

    4.04 Vital Statistics (see index for list of names)

Series 5: Family records-1984-1996. - 20 cm

    5.01 Family group records

    5.02 Family trees and pedigree charts

    5.03 Small's genealogies

Series 6: Name Files - 1984-1996. -24 cm

Series 7: Research material - 1984-1996. - 14 cm

Series and file description

Series 1: Correspondence. - 1984-1996. - 25 cm

The Correspondence consists of letters relating entirely to Gordon Myles family research activities. They represent an organized search for information from a wide range of relatives, family acquaintances and people sharing his family name(s), as well as from archival repositories and libraries. As the research grew, the circle widened to include correspondents from all over North America. Many of the outgoing letters were accompanied by a detailed, customized questionnaire, blank copies of which were kept with the ongoing correspondence. Replies were attached to the outgoing correspondence, and the completed questionnaires were filed in the appropriate family file (see Family Histories, series 2). The blank questionnaires have been removed from the correspondence, but have been retained in file 1.11 in this series. The correspondence is arranged chronologically by the date of the outgoing letter.

1.01 General correspondence, May - December 1984
1.02 General correspondence, 1985
1.03 General correspondence, 1986
1.04 General correspondence, 1987
1.05 General correspondence, 1988 - 1989
1.06 General correspondence, 1990
1.07 General correspondence, 1991
1.08 General correspondence, 1992 - 1993
1.09 General correspondence, 1994 - 1996
1.10 Orders and purchases, 1984 - 1991
1.11 Questionnaires

Series 2: Family history. - 1984-1996. - 84 cm

    This series contains the culmination of Gordon Myles research on the Billard, Kinslow, Miles/Myles, Melbourne and McDonald/MacDonald families. The files include osme research material, completed questionnaires and notes, but are mainly drafts and final typescript monographs on the descendants of his Newfoundland ancestors. The series is arranged into sub-series by family name.


A NAME="The Billard Family">2.01: Billard family. - 39 cm

    This sub-series includes information on Gabriel Billard, John Billard, John William Billard, Jack William Billard, Martin Billard, Samuel Billard, Thomas Billard and William Billard and their descendants, as well as the origins of the Billard family. Completed monographs exist for some of the names. For others the information has been complied to various stages.
    2.01.001 The origins of the Billards in Newfoundland, typescript and research material.

    2.01.002 The descendants of Gabriel Billard, preliminary draft with notes.

    2.01.003 The descendants of Gabriel Billard, research notes and completed questionnaires.

    2.01.004 The descendants of Gabriel Billard, preliminary draft, photocopy.

    2.01.005 The descendants of Gabriel Billard, typescript pages.

    2.01.006 The Descendants of John Billard by Gordon Sydney Myles, 1990. Typed monograph with notes and research material interleaved.

    2.01.007 The descendants of John Billard, research notes and completed questionnaires.

    2.01.008 The descendants of John Billard, by Gordon Sydney Myles, 1990. Typed monograph.

    2.01.009 The descendants of John Billard by Gordon Sydney Myles, 1990. Typed monograph (photocopy, probably of 008 above).

    2.01.010 John William Billard, research material and notes.

    2.01.011 "Jack William Billard: The Short Life of a Grand Bruit War Hero" by Gordon Sydney
    Myles, monograph, 2 drafts, dated February 1989 and March 1989.

    2.01.012 Descendants of Martin Billard, handwritten compilation with photocopies interspersed.
    2.01.013 Descendants of Martin Billard, completed questionnaires.

    2.01.014 Descendants of Martin Billard, photocopy of 012 above.

    2.01.015 Descendants of Samuel Billard, completed questionnaires. 2 files a) and b).

    2.01.016 Descendants of Samuel Billard, research notes.

    2.01.017 "The Descendants of Samuel Billard" by Sydney Gordon Myles, 1989, typed monograph

    2.01.018 Descendants of Samuel Billard, typescript, draft.

    2.01.019 "The descendants of Samuel Billard" by Sydney Gordon Billard, revised 1989, typed monograph

    2.01.020 Photocopy of 019 above.

    2.01.021 Descendants of Samuel Billard, 1989, typescript with notes, warly draft of 019.

    2.01.022 The descendants of Thomas Billard, typescript.

    2.01.023 The descendants of Thomas Billard, typescript and handwritten.

    2.01.024 The descendants of Thomas Billard, completed questionnaires.

    2.01.025 The descendants of William Billard, compiled notes, handwritten.

    2.01.026 The descendants of William Billard, completed questionnaires.

    2.01.027 The descendants of William Billard, photocopy of 025.

2.02: The Melbourne family - 1 cm

    This sub-series consists of a single file of information relating to the Melbourne family.

    2.02.001 Melbourne family, complied, handwritten research notes.

2.03 MacDonald/McDonald family. - 0.5 cm

    This sub-series consists of a single file of information relating to the MacDonald/McDonald Family.

    2.03.001 McDonald/MacDonald family, research notes, research material, preliminary history.

2.04 Kinslow family. - 9 cm

    This sub-series contains research material, research notes and monographs of the Kinslow branch of Gordon Myles' family. Included are files on Dennis Kinslow, Abraham Kinslow and Alfred Kinslow as well as information on the origins of the family.

    2.04.001 "The descendants of Dennis Kinslow" complied by Sydney Gordon Miles (Myles), revised 30 March 1986. Typescript with handwritten annotations and notes.

    2.04.002 "The Descendants of Dennis Kinslow" as above without the notes and annotations.

    2.04.003 Abraham Kinslow. "The unmasking of an Ancestor" by Sydney Gordon Myles,
    1988. Typed monograph.

    2.04.004 "The Life of Abraham Kinslow" by Sydney Gordon Miles. Revised 1990. Typed monograph (contains 1 original photograph)

    2.04.005 "The Origin of the Kinslows." Typescript.

    2.04.006 Abraham Kinslow, Boston, research material.

    2.04.007 Abraham and Alfred Kinslow, research material.

    2.04.008 Alfred Kinslow family, research material.

    2.04.009 Alfred Kinslow, research material and notes.

    2.04.010 Alfred Kinslow of Kenmare, research material. (Includes 2 orig. photographs)

    2.04.011 Alfred Kinslow of Minnesota, research material.

    2.04.012 Alfred Kinslow of Philadelphia, research material.

    2.04.013 Alfred Kinslow of Portland, research material.

2.05 Miles family. - 10 cm

    Sub-series consists of research material, questionnaires, research notes and monographs on the descendants of Howard Miles and Peter Miles, and the origins of the Miles family.

    2.05.001 Origins of the Miles family, research material and notes.

    2.05.002 The Miles family, research notes, photocopies.

    2.05.003 Howard Miles and his family, typescript.

    2.05.004 Howard Miles, research material, completed questionnaires, typescript entitled Howard Miles and his family

    2.05.005 Peter Miles and his family, research material.

    2.05.006 Descendants of Peter Miles, handwritten compilation.

    2.05.007 (a) "Miles from Newfoundland: The Descendants of Peter Miles" by Sydney Gordon Myles , 1994. Monograph.

    2.05.007 (b) Copy of above

    2.05.008 "Miles from Newfoundland: The Descendants of Peter Miles" by Sydney Gordon Myles, 1994. Monograph - with annotations.

Series 3.0: Community History, Grand Bruit. - 198- -199-. - 14 cm.

    This series consists of files relating to the community of Grand Bruit on the south coast of Newfoundland. The files contain research material and monographs, and have been arranged in two sub-series. The research material was collected from a variety of published and unpublished sources. The monographs are were compiled by Gordon Myles in 1988.


3.01 Research material and research notes, arranged by subject. - 11 cm

    3.01.001 Agriculture

    3.01.002 Business Life

    3.01.003 Captain Cook and Grand Bruit

    3.01.004 Grand Bruit cemeteries

    3.01.005 Community activities

    3.01.006 Descriptions

    3.01.007 Disasters

    3.01.008 Geology

    3.01.009 Education (2 files, a) and b)

    3.01.010 General information

    3.01.011 Families

    3.01.012 Maryl Weatherburn, "Changing ecological adaptations in a Newfoundland fishing community" MA Thesis.

3.02 Monographs. - 3 cm

    3.02.001 "The Inhabitants of Grand Bruit 1834-1988," compiled by Sydney Gordon Myles, December, 1988. Monograph.

    3.02.002 Location and Setting, typescript.

    3.02.003 "A History of Grand Bruit" by Sydney Gordon Myles. Monograph. (Preliminary edition).

Series 4: Vital Statistics. - 1984-1996. - 60 cm

    This series contains information on births, deaths and marriages for the south coast of Newfoundland. Early returns cover the area from Hermitage Bay to Port aux Basques. Later returns concentrate on part of the coast from Burgeo to Channel/Port aux Basques. The information is in the form of transcripts, data sheets and photocopies. The data contains a complete account of the families of the part of the south coast included in the study. An index to surnames is included in this finding aid. The files are arranged in four sub-series: SPG returns; Cemetery notes; parish registers; Vital statistics.


4.01 Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) returns and reports. - 1 cm

    One file containing photocopies of the annual returns and reports from the SPG1 mission district of LaPoile from 1855-1879.

4.02 Cemetery notes. - 3 cm

    Transcripts from headstones from cemeteries from Burgeo to Cape Ray, contained in 6 notebooks.

    4.02.001 Notes taken from cemeteries in Cape Ray, Channel-Port aux Basques, Fox Roost, Margaree, Isle aux Morts and Burnt Island.

    4.02.002 Notes taken from cemeteries at Channel-Port aux Basques.

    4.02.003 Notes from cemeteries at Channel-Port aux Basques and Rose Blanche.

    4.02.004 Notes from cemeteries at Rose Blanche, Red Island, Hunt's Island, Burgeo Sandbanks, Burgeo.

    4.02.005 Notes from the cemetery at Muddy Hole, Burgeo.

    4.02.006 Notes from the cemeteries at Muddy Hole, Burgeo, Otter's Point, Bay d'East, Sandbanks, Little Bay and La Poile.

    4.02.007 Notes from cemeteries at Grand Bruit.

4.03 Parish Register Transcripts. - 14 cm

    Sub-series consists of excerpts transcribed from parish record for communities on the south coast of Newfoundland, Anglican and Methodist, for the 19th and 20th centuries. The first 17 files consist of notebooks; the remaining files in the sub-series are completed pro forma sheets which were originally in binders.

    4.03.001 Excerpts from the register of baptisms, Burgeo, Anglican, 1841-1982

    4.03.002 Excerpts from the register of birth, death, and marriage, Burgeo, Anglican, 1856-1977

    4.03.003 Excerpts from the register of baptisms and marriages, Burgeo, Methodist and United, 1880-1947.

    4.03.004 Excerpts from the register of marriages and burials, Burgeo, 1842-1984

    4.03.005 Excerpts from the register of baptisms, Channel, 1854-1919, 1947-1950

    4.03.006 Excerpts from the register of baptisms, Channel, 1920-1950.

    4.03.007 Excerpts form the register of baptisms, Channel, 1956-1978

    4.03.008 Excerpts from the register of marriages, Channel, 1879-1889, 1875-1902, 1870-1902, 1947-1952, 1959-1962, 1971-1974.

    4.03.009 Excerpts from the register of baptisms, Rose Blanche, Anglican, 1925-1943, 1909-1925, 1856-1882, 1879-1910, 1943-1976.

    4.03.010 Excerpts from the register of baptisms, Rose Blanche, Anglican, 1960-1976.

    4.03.011 Excerpts from the register of burials, Channel, 1946-1960, 1879-1929.

    4.03.012 Excerpts from the register of marriages, Rose Blanche, Anglican, 1879-1917, 1942-1973.

    4.03.013 Excerpts from the register of marriages, Rose Blanche, 1974-1985, 1856-1882, 1917-1942.

    4.03.014 Excerpts from the register burials, Rose Blanche, Anglican, 1879-1917, 1856-1882, 1869-1875, 1961-1983, 1917-1961.

    4.03.015 Excerpts from register #98, Petites, Methodist.

    4.03.016 Newfoundland births, 1909-1923 and marriages, 1923-1926; Register of baptisms, marriages and deaths, Channel, United; Parish register #95; Register baptisms, Harbour Grace, Wesleyan; register of marriages, Petites;

    4.03.017 Edward Wix baptisms, #30, #98, #101, #102; Annual Report, Dept. of Marine and Fisheries, Nfld. 1909.

    4.03.018 Transcripts of Registers of baptisms, Channel, Anglican, 1951-1978 and Rose Blanche, 1856-1976.

    4.03.019 Transcripts of births from the Methodist Register and DPHW Vital Statistics for Newfoundland south coast communities, 19thand 20th centuries.

    4.03.020 Transcripts of Anglican and United/Methodist burial registers and cemetery records for the south coast of Newfoundland, 19thand 20th centuries.

    4.03.021 Transcripts of marriages for the south coast of Newfoundland, 19th and 20th centuries from DPHW vital statistics, Anglican and Methodist/United parish records.

    4.03.022 Nova Scotia marriages. Copies of marriage certificates from Nova Scotia parishes, featuring members of the Billard, Kinslow and other families. Removed from the file 3.02.003.

4.04 Vital Statistics. - 44 cm

    This sub-series consists of data sheets containing births, deaths and marriages organized alphabetically according to surname. The information was compiled from a range of sources, including parish records, cemetery records and census.

    The data sheets were originally kept in small binders. They have been removed and preserved in archival folders. Photocopies are available for research purposes. Statistics on the Billard name were maintained in separate binders and are listed at the end of this sub-series. A name index is appended to this finding aid.

    4.04.001 Abbott - Beal
    4.04.002 Beauchamp - Bryan
    4.04.003 Buffett - Childs
    4.04.004 Chislett - Collier
    4.04.005 Collins - Dunford
    4.04.006 Eavis - Fosse
    4.04.007 Frame - Greeley
    4.04.008 Green - Harvey
    4.04.009 Hatch - Huelin
    4.04.010 Ingram - Ivey
    4.04.011 James - Knott
    4.04.012 Kinslow to Kinslea
    4.04.013 McDonald
    4.04.014 LaFosse - Mauger
    4.04.015 Mavin - Miles
    4.04.016 Milley - Nebugett
    4.04.017 Neil - Oxford
    4.04.018 Pardy - Pike
    4.04.019 Pinel - Ryan
    4.04.020 Sams - Spencer
    4.04.021 Spicer - Symes
    4.04.022 Taylor - Thorne
    4.04.023 Thornhill - Young
    4.04.024 Billard, A - Billard, Henry Martin
    4.04.025 Billard, Herbert W. - Billard, Sadie Leah
    4.04.026 Billard, Samuel - Billard, W.

4.05 Research Notes. - 1.5 cm

    Sub-series consists of 3 ntoebooks of sources and locations of information as well as transcripts from census, parish records and yearbooks. (1 file)

Series 5.0 : Family records, - 1984-1996. - 20 cm

    The series consists of three groups of records which are complied by individual family. It includes family group records, family trees and pedigree charts, and genealogies collected by the Reverend Joseph Small. The series is arranged in three sub-series.

Sub-series 5.01 Family group records. - 9 cm

    Family Group Records are printed data sheets for recording information on nuclear families: husband, wife, children and childrens' spouses. The family group records in this sub-series are specific to Myles family history project. The same information can be found in the Vital Statistics data sheets (series 4.04). Datasheets in this sub-series are arranged alphabetically by husband's name. The first two files are A-Z general; file 3 relates to Anderson, McDonald, Melbourne and Myles; file 4 relates to the Billard family.

    5.01.001 Annand, Robert - Lunch, Harold
    5.01.002 Madore, Henry to Zengler, Thomas
    5.01.003 Anderson, McDonald, Melbourne and Myles
    5.01.004 Billard, Alexander - Billard, Wilson

5.02 Family Trees. - 4 cm

    Sub-series consists of 2-generation pedigree charts and family tree information records arranged by individual (male).

    5.02.001 Pedigree chart and family tree information for Gordon Myles, Roy Myles, James Miles, George Miles, Peter Miles, Gabriel Billard, William Billard, Samuel Billard, Archibald Billard, George Kinslow, Thomas McDonald, Edward Melbourne, with notations on each individual's relationship to S.G. Myles

    5.02.002 Pedigreen charts and family tree information on Myles ancillary ancestral families: Gordon Myles, Alma Myles, Norman Miles, Ross Billard.

5.03 Small's Genealogies. - 8 cm

    A collection of handwritten family trees taken from the Diary of Rev. Joseph Small.

Note: See Diary of Burgeo, Newfoundland, 1925 by Joseph H. Small, edited by S. Gordon Myles, in The Newfoundland Ancestor, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4 and 14.1

    5.03.001 Anderson - Crant
    5.03.002 Crewe - Guy
    5.03.003 Hann - Matthews
    5.03.004 Meade - Skeard
    5.03.005 Small - Young

Series 6: Name Files. - 1984-1996. - 24 cm

    This series consists of the research files for each family and individual includes in Myles' study. The files contain research material and notes, pedigree charts, handwritten and typed text and photocopied news clippings. The files are organized by family name and given name and arranged alphabetically.

    6.01 Anderson family
    6.02 - 6.04 Billard family
    6.05 Billard, Ada
    6.06 Billard, Alexander (Sandy)
    6.07 Billard, Amber
    6.08 Billard, Andrew
    6.09 Billard, Andy
    6.10 Billard, Angie
    6.11 Billard, April
    6.12 Billard, Archibald
    6.13 Billard, Austin
    6.14 Billard, Blandford
    6.15 Billard, Brent
    6.16 Billard, Brenda
    6.17 Billard, Brendon
    6.18 Billard, Brittany
    6.19 Billard, Bruce
    6.20 Billard, Cathy
    6.21 Billard, Carolann
    6.22 Billard, Christopher
    6.23 Billard, Clara
    6.24 Billard, (Rev) Clayton
    6.25 Billard, Clifford
    6.26 Billard, Danny
    6.27 Billard, Darcy
    6.28 Billard, Darren
    6.29 Billard, David
    6.30 Billard, Dawn
    6.31 Billard, Dean
    6.32 Billard, Desmond
    6.33 Billard, Doreen
    6.34 Billard, Dwayne
    6.35 Billard, Dwight
    6.36 Billard, Earl
    6.37 Billard, Eddie
    6.38 Billard, Edward
    6.39 Billard, Frank
    6.40 Billard, Fred
    6.41 Billard, Gabriel
    6.42 Billard, George
    6.43 Billard, Gerald
    6.44 Billard, Gilroy
    6.45 Billard, Gina
    6.46 Billard, Gord
    6.47 Billard, Gordie
    6.48 Billard, Irene
    6.49 Billard, Jason
    6.50 Billard, Jennifer
    6.51 Billard, Gerry
    6.52 Billard, Jessica
    6.53 Billard, Jodi
    6.54 Billard, John
    6.55 Billard, John W.
    6.56 Billard, Jonathon
    6.57 Billard, Joy
    6.58 Billard, Keith
    6.59 Billard, Kenneth
    6.60 Billard, Keith
    6.61 Billard, Krist
    6.62 Billard, Lani
    6.63 Billard, Larry
    6.64 Billard, Lee
    6.65 Billard, Lena
    6.66 Billard, Lillian
    6.67 Billard, Lisa
    6.68 Billard, Lori
    6.69 Billard, Lucas
    6.70 Billard, Maggie
    6.71 Billard, Marie
    6.72 Billard, Marilyn Rose
    6.73 Billard, Mark
    6.74 Billard, Mat
    6.75 Billard, Matthew
    6.76 Billard, Meagan
    6.77 Billard, Melissa
    6.78 Billard, Melvin
    6.79 Billard, Michael
    6.80 Billard, Myles
    6.81 Billard, Nicole
    6.82 Billard, Pauline
    6.83 Billard, Percy
    6.84 Billard, Ralph
    6.85 Billard, Randy
    6.86 Billard, Richard
    6.87 Billard, Rita
    6.88 Billard, Roger
    6.89 Billard, Russell
    6.90 Billard, Ruth
    6.91 Billard, Ryan
    6.92 Billard, Sandra
    6.93 Billard, Shauna
    6.94 Billard, Sherry
    6.95 Billard, Shirley
    6.96 Billard, Solomon
    6.97 Billard, Susan
    6.98 Billard, Tammy
    6.99 Billard, Tori
    6.100 Billard, Verna
    6.101 Billard, Wanda
    6.102 Billard, Wendy
    6.103 Billard, Wesley
    6.104 Billard, Winston
    6.105 Bird family
    6.106 Carter family
    6.107 Colliers
    6.108 Quniford family
    6.109 Foote family
    6.110 Frampton family
    6.111 Francis family
    6.112 James family
    6.113 Kelly family
    6.114 King, Keirs
    6.115 King, Megan
    6.116 Kinslow family
    6.117 Lawrence family
    6.118 MacDonald family
    6.119 Melbourne family
    6.120 Miles family
    6.121 Miles, Aaron
    6.121A Miles, Alma
    6.122 Miles, Blanche
    6.123 Miles, George
    6.124 Miles, Gordon
    6.125 Miles, James
    6.126 Miles, John
    6.127 Mundens
    6.128 Niel, Neal family
    6.129 Park family
    6.130 Parsons family
    6.131 Riles family
    6.132 Simms, Walter
    6.133 Stagg family
    6.134 Taylor family
    6.135 Thornhill family
    6.136 Viguers family
    6.137 Wadden family

Series 7: Research Material. - 1984-1996. - 14 cm

    Series contains photocopied documents, research material and notes relevant to Myles family research. The files are organized by subject based on the form or source of the information.

    7.01 Anglican Archives
      List of Anglican ministers for Burgeo and laPoile districts; notes on Anglican archives.

    7.02 Bay d'East Land Grants
      William Strickland, 1896; Thomas Farrell, 1896; Josiah Strickland, 1896; John M. Strickland, 1896.

    7.03 Bibliography

    7.04 Canada 411 Directory
      Photocopy of the directory for the names Billard, Kinslow, Melbourne, Miles and Myles.

    7.05 Census
      Data collected from the census for 1857, 1869, 1874, 1884, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1921, 1935, 1945. Newfoundland south coast communities.

    7.06 Collier Letter
      Excerpts and notes from the Collier letter, with references to Newfoundland south coast communities.

    7.07 Newfoundland Directories
      Excerpts from the directories for south coast communities: Lovell's, 1871, McAlpine's, 1898 and 1904.

    7.08 Family Tree
      Notes on methods and sources for compiling a family tree; pedigree charts on Myles family.

    7.09 Immigration records
      Transcripts of immigration and census records for Cape Breton, the south and west coast of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

    7.10 Miles of Dorset
      Research material, photocopies.

    7.11 Mormon Archives
      Photocopies from English counties on surname Moyle.

    7.12 Newfoundland, Yearbook, Almanacs, Directories
      Photocopies for select entries from 1902-1954.

    7.13 Notebook
      Research notes. Includes Channel parish register transcripts, information from Newfoundland yearbooks, 1902-1932, 1954-55.

    7.14 Research Notes
      List of research questions

    7.15 Newfoundland register of ships
      Printout from Maritime History Archive of vessels registered to Miles and Billard.

    7.16 Research marterial on the Hugenots

    7.17 The Irish in Newfoundland.

    7.18 Methodists.

    7.19 Southwest coast and the French.

Index to the names included in series 4.04, Vital Statistics