The first steps in any genealogical inquiry should always involve family sources. Speaking with relatives, recording their stories and anecdotes, sifting through old family photographs and documents - all of these are vital to your family history. School documents, certificates of all kinds, recordings and newspaper clippings, as well as the family Bible, are all good sources of information. This will provide a good base from which to begin your search in the public records.

Why join FHSNL?

Societies like the Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador exist to facilitate research into family histories by providing access to resources and connecting members with similar research goals. Through the use of queries published in the Newfoundland Ancestor we have been helping researchers with shared interests connect for over 20 years. The FHSNL also collects completed and in-progress family trees, pedigree charts, and histories from its members. This allows members' research to be circulated more widely and helps to encourage future research into related areas by providing earlier findings to form a foundation for future inquiry. For more information on joining the FHSNL, please see our membership page.