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For many years FHSNL has collected details of headstone inscriptions from around the province. Many (but not all) of these records have been entered into a computerised database which members can now search by using the above search form.

As of December 2011, this electronic database contains 103902 records from 835 cemeteries.

Please note that this search utility should be treated as if it is still in "beta testing" mode. Some things that we are already aware of include:
  • There are about 1800 entries that are near-duplicates of other entries (as one example, search for Garfield Andrews)
  • Some of our cemetery codes are not yet contained in our master list of cemeteries. This results in no cemetery or location details being displayed for some individuals (for example, search for Moses Butt)
  • The drop-down list of places in the "Place of Burial" field on the search form should list nearly every community in the province. However, some of these places do not yet have any cemetery records entered in our database. For example, a search for "Blackhead / Cape Spear" yields no results.
  • There are typos in some records, including typos that result in invalid dates.

We are working towards addressing these issues. If you are able to assist with this task, please let us know.