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The pre-1892 Registers of Vital Statistics are government records that were collected in an effort to gather information from before the start of civil registration (which commenced in 1891). These handwritten registers are open to the public at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador, where they are sometimes referred to as the "black books" on account of their black binding.

Note that these records were provided by clergy on a voluntary basis, which is to say that not all clergy submitted copies of the records in their custody to the government. A guide to the records that are available has been made available by PANL in the form of a Community Index that indicates which volumes contain references to particular communities.

These Vital Statistics records constitute a valuable collection of information, especially in cases where the original church records are not available. In addition to being available at PANL, many of these records have been digitised and placed online at

FHSNL is in the process of building a database which can be searched using the form that appears on this webpage.

The number of entries that are currently in the database is: 79397

The following Vital Stats records are currently in the process of being transcribed and added to our database:

Vol. No. Place Years Religion
47 Carbonear 1870-1891 Roman Catholic
49 Carbonear 1848-1870 Methodist
86 Moreton's Harbour 1842-1892 Church of England
86 Tilt Cove 1868-1892 Church of England
91 Little Bay Islands 1873-1891 Church of England

The following Vital Stats records have been fully transcribed and entered into our database:

Vol. No. Place Years Religion
26B St. John's, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist 1796-1848 Church of England
26C St. John's, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist 1753-1791 Church of England
29 Quidi Vidi, Christ Church 1856-1875 Church of England
30 St. John's, St. Thomas Church 1830-1840 Church of England
31 Petty Harbour 1824-1891 Church of England
31 Witless Bay 1884-1891 Roman Catholic
32 Pouch Cove 1842-1891 Church of England
32 Pouch Cove 1882-1891 Methodist
33 Foxtrap 1875-1891 Church of England
33 Topsail 1880-1891 Church of England
33 Topsail 1884-1887 Methodist
40 Bay Roberts 1859-1891 Church of England
41 Spaniard's Bay 1860-1891 Church of England
45 Upper Island Cove 1882-1891 Church of England
46 Carbonear 1860-1890 Church of England
48 Carbonear 1794-1848 Methodist
56 Bay de Verde 1860-1893 Church of England
57 Bay de Verde 1880-1892 Roman Catholic
58 Old Perlican 1816-1892 Methodist
59 Hant's Harbour 1875-1891 Methodist
59A Hant's Harbour 1824-1875 Methodist
60 Heart's Content 1869-1892 Church of England
60 Heart's Content 1877-1884 Methodist
61 Green's Harbour 1867-1890 Methodist
61 Heart's Delight 1884-1892 Church of England
61 New Harbour 1885-1891 Reformed Episcopal
61 Whitbourne 1889-1891 Church of England
62 New Harbour 1861-1891 Church of England
63 Trinity 1859-1891 Church of England
64 Trinity 1823-1860 Church of England
64A Trinity 1753-1823 Church of England
66 Catalina 1864-1892 Methodist
67 Catalina 1834-1892 Church of England
68 Bird Island Cove 1890-1891 Methodist
68 Britannia 1883-1891 Methodist
68 Random 1880-1891 Church of England
69 Bonavista 1869-1891 Methodist
71 Bonavista 1786-1845 Church of England
71A Bonavista 1845-1892 Church of England
72 Bonavista 1817-1869 Methodist
73 King's Cove 1847-1892 Church of England
73A King's Cove 1834-1849 Church of England
74 Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay 1879-1891 Church of England
79 Badger's Quay 1862-1892 Church of England
80 Musgravetown 1872-1892 Methodist
80 Wesleyville 1884-1891 Methodist
81 Salvage 1865-1893 Church of England
82 Fogo 1860-1892 Church of England
83 Change Islands 1856-1891 Church of England
83 Fogo 1841-1860 Church of England
84 Carmanville 1888-1891 Methodist
84 Fogo 1862-1892 Methodist
84 Musgrave Harbour 1874-1891 Methodist
85 Herring Neck 1850-1891 Church of England
86 Twillingate 1879-1893 Church of England
88 Twillingate 1842-1891 Methodist
89 Herring Neck 1878-1890 Methodist
89 Moreton's Harbour 1874-1892 Methodist
90 Nipper's Harbour 1874-1891 Methodist
92 Exploits 1860-1893 Methodist
94 White Bay 1864-1892 Church of England
95 Bonne Bay 1874-1891 Methodist
95 Flowers Cove 1874-1893 Methodist
95 North West River 1884-1892 Methodist
97 Channel 1862-1891 Methodist
99 Rose Blanche 1860-1892 Church of England
102 Hermitage 1875-1891 Church of England
103 Pool's Cove 1875-1891 Congregational
105 Fortune 1877-1892 Methodist
105 Sound Island 1850-1891 Methodist
106 Grand Bank 1859-1892 Methodist
108A Grand Bank 1817-1860 Methodist
109 Greenspond 1862-1892 Methodist
110 Harbour Grace 1775-1807 Church of England
111 Harbour Grace 1807-1830 Church of England