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    I’m looking for my Great grandfathers parents and their parents. My great grandfather was Abraham [Abram] Bradbury who was born in Bay Roberts abt. 1868. His parents were Joseph and Carol Snow. I’d like to find out how they came to live their, because it was understood by my mother that someone left New England to live in Newfoundland sometime the 1800’s. And, that Abram left after his father died (and he got into some trouble) to live with his uncle Frederick Thomas Bradbury in Boston.

    I’ve found nothing in the Headstone or birth data. I know I need to search Estate records, but I don’t know where to look for that.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I hope to visit soon.

    Anne Lestelle
    New Orleans, Louisiana


    Leslie A. Winsor

    Hello Anne,

    I never checked my file for your Abraham but the Bradburys have been in Bay Roberts since the 1600’s and they were also in Torbay at an early date! My gggg grandmother Mary Garland, wife of John Moors of Freshwater Carbonear had a sister Annie who Garland who was born c 1710 and she m Stephen Bradbury of Bay Roberts! There are lots of Bradburys in the St Pauls CE at Harbour Grace back to 1775 when the records began.

    Les Winsor, Mount Pearl, NL


    James Brady

    Ann, My good friend is a cousin of yours. You have the same great grandparents and gg grandparents. My gg grandmother was Emaline Bradbury. She married a Samuel Mosdell. They were born in Bay Roberts too. We found it “amusing” that I had a Bradbury in my tree until I started picking his brain. Finding out that you two’s gg grandparents were from the Bradbuys of Bay Roberts floored me! It was no longer amusing but AMAZING, especially since we met as coworkers in Key West, Florida! We became initially became friends because we are both from New England, specifically the Boston area. In KW, Cuzzy is a local term of endearment since KW is an island and many families are related. We’ve been calling each other Cuzzy for years but we REALLY ARE! I just need to know the exact connection so you and we are looking for the same info!

    Please contact me at islandbrew@aol.com. I’ll email you back my phone number. Let’s compare notes. I’ll also connect you to your Cuzzy! We can even set up a time where he can be with me on speaker. He will be in town for the next three weeks. Finding your post is COSMIC!

    Jim Brady
    Key West, FL



    Hello Les,
    Mary Bradbury, born September 16, 1718, is my wife’s 5G-grandmother and the daughter of Stephen Bradbury. Both of Bay Roberts. I was wondering if you have any BMD info on the Bradbury’s of this era, (1600 – 1800) that you could share with us.
    Sam Rosenberg

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