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    Pat Angel

    Hello, just noticed your posting from 3 months ago and thought I should reply. I am not an expert on the Kavanagh name in NL, but have researched the name as it exists in my family tree.
    The short answer to your question is yes the Kavavnagh name exists in NL and it is not an uncommon name. My Kavaangah ancestors arrived before 1821 from Ross Parish, County Wexford and the Kavanagh name was here before then and very much exists today. I have seen it spelled Kavanagh/Cavanaugh/Kavana and likely other variations.
    I have not researched the Kavanagh name after the 1890’s as my Great Great grandmother Ellen Kavanagh married and we “lost” the name.
    You may have some success if you know the religion and location of your uncle, as a place to start. Mu ancestors were Catholics in St. John’s but I have seen the name in several locations/communities throughout the province; Bell Island, The Southern Shore and perhaps others.
    The records before the 1920’s are more accessible than those after the 1920’s.
    Hope this helps

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    Pat Angel

    To Debbie Mullins:

    Hello, are you still there, three years after your last post? I am researching my MacCormack family from St. John’s and thought to reach out to this post. My Great Great Grandmother was Anastatia MacCormack, who married James Tobin around 1835. They had at least six children, all baptized in St.John’s Basilica Parish from 1836 to 1855, including my great grandmother Catherine Tobin born May 1848. It is possible that Catherine’s oldest sister (Ellen) married a William Phelan in 1857. It is also possible that Anastatia’s sister Bridget McCormack/Cormack married James Tobin’s brother Michael, as this couple were also having children baptized during the same period??
    I have no other information on Anastatia MacCormick (nor James Tobin neither) but estimate they were born around 1815 and married around 1835. I am trying to gather more information about them, (where did they originate, when did they die? etc) and thought to ask if this is the same St. John’s MacCormack family that you are researching?
    Thank you

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