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    Rachael MacCabe

    I am looking for any information on the parents of either Edward SNOW or Elizabeth DORMADY (my great great grandparents) and a more complete accounting of their children. I would love to hear from any descendants of this couple!! I did research at the rooms in September and have the Snow file from FHSNL. I have no marriage record for Edward and Elizabeth. This was a Catholic family and I found what is possibly Edward’s conversion to Catholicism as an adult in 1869 at Immaculate Conception in Harbour Grace where I found all their records. This is what I expected as my grandmother was Catholic, even though the Snows were traditionally Anglican, I understand.

    The last name DORMEDY has proven quite a conundrum. It is spelled differently almost every time and has been transcribed in a myriad of ways, including ?. It could be DORMEDY, DORMODY, DORMELY, DARMODY,etc.

    I did not find the birth records for my grandmother, Margaret, and her brother Michael (who was known as Nicholas), who were the two who emigrated to Nova Scotia about 1890 (Margaret) and prior to 1906 sometime (Nicholas/Michael). The following is a basic outline of what I have gleaned so far. I called those children “confirmed” when I found Elizabeth’s maiden name listed:

    Confirmed Children of Edward SNOW and Elizabeth DORMADY
    1) Ann born 1855
    Ann married ? Sheehan earlier in life then Ann Sheehan 59 married Frederick Martin 68 on 22
    Sept 1914
    2) William born ~1865
    William married in 5 May 1887 to Helen Franey
    Bernard born 6 Jan 1900
    Patrick born 10 Sept 1896
    Mary Elizabeth born 9 Oct 1888
    3) Aloysia born 15 Feb 1867
    4) Patrick born 1868
    Patrick Snow 35 married Maria J. Fitzgibbon 33 on 4 Feb 1903.
    Francis born 30 Aug 1908
    5) Margaret born ~1871 – 1873 (my great grandmother)
    Margaret married Thomas Umlah on 25 June 1894 in Halifax, NS (my great grandfather)
    Agnes Adeline Umlah born 25 Jan 1899 (my grandmother)
    Mary Marguerite Umlah born 15 Aug 1901
    Married Michael J. Oldfield on 25 Feb 1907 in Halifax, NS
    Michael J. Oldfield born 1908
    Harold Francis Oldfield born 20 Dec 1911

    Believed children of Edward SNOW and Elizabeth DORMADY
    6) Honora born ~1853
    Honora married John Shean on 14 Nov 1872
    7) Susanna born ~1857
    Susanna married Richard Martin 4 June 1877
    8) Edward born ~1860
    Edward married in 25 Nov 1880 to Elizabeth Simonds
    Edward born 15 July 1887
    Joseph William born 7 March 1891
    Maria Magdalena born 16 Jan 1893
    Reginald born 6 Sept 1895
    9) Nicholas (Michael) born ~1865 – 1867
    Nicholas married Mary Ann Reynolds
    James baptized 3 Sept 1885
    Edward Joseph born 17 Feb 1888
    Maria Anna born 14 Aug 1890
    Maria Agnes born 23 Nov 1891
    Patrick born 10 Dec 1893
    Elizabeth born 5 Apr 1896
    Susanna born 5 Dec 1897
    Alexia M. born 29 Nov 1899

    Any help appreciated! Thank you

    Geoff Martin

    Hi Rachael

    I have been working on your family this past week. Send me a note at geoffgmartin@yahoo.com and we can compare notes.

    The oral tradition (undocumented) of the Harbour Grace Martins is an origin from the Channel Islands. My Martin roots hail from Harbour Grace and I can document the Channel Islands bit. However, my Martins were all Church of England.

    Nonetheless there were Catholic Martins in Harbour Grace.

    Geoff Martin

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