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    Anthony Grenier


    Im looking for information on some of my family heritage. Specifically my great-great grandfather and beyond that.

    My Grandfather was Bernard Gaudon, his parents were Amadee & Mary Elizabeth Gaudon (Mcleod).
    Mary Gaudon (Mcleod): her father was John Mcleod (born 1859). He was apparently born in PEI & was a Captain of a ship until he married my great grandmother Mary Elizabeth (1864-1955 Benoit was her maiden name). They had 3 children, 2 boys who both died together in 1891 from the flu. StGeorge/Stephenville Newfoundland area I believe is where they lived when he settled down to start farming and raise a family.

    John Mcleod and Mary are apparently both buried together In St. Steven Catholic Cemetery. But I cant find any records about his grave online as his marker may be unreadable now.

    If anyone can help point me into the right direction on John Mcleod’s parents, where and when his family immigrated from Scotland, the ship he was captain of, anything at all It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,


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