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    Im researching my wifes Mik’Maq family line of the Benoit side. Her great grandmother is Mary Ann Benoit and Great Grandfather is Thomas Howlett. Thomas and Mary had a son name William or Willie as he was called. They all knew him very well and many stories have been shared down through the years. We know for 100% certain that the linage is correct and is not speculation as I have seen many others try to make the connection for Inidan Status. I have photos of all the family as they have been in the family for some time. I would love to discuss with someone who may have known the family or knew of the fmaily when they either lived in CowHead, Woods Island or Corner Brook. Mary Ann remarried a man by the name of George Willis White. I have seen where people have tried to connect a gazillion ways again to claim status through this connection as well. The fact is they only had 2 children together, Mae (y) and Gertrude whom both moved to the United States in adulthood and I have photos of them as well as kids. I look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerly Wango

    Treanna McPherson

    The Benoits are difficult to search for as I am in the same situation. For years I have been trying to find info on Elizabeth Benoit but come up empty constantly. A website to try if you haven’t already is ngb.chebucto.org, since finding it many questions have been answered. There are military records (ww1 & ww2), various census, previous names of towns (very helpful), and many other resources.

    If I come across anything relating to the person you are searching I will for sure share it.
    Good luck with your search.


    I think Mary Ann was first married to George, they had 12 kids starting in 1876, and than married Thomas. I think my birth dates are off. I have a list of the 12 kids.
    If this will help contact me.
    Robert 902-406-5390


    maureen 3341

    I am Mike Howlett and Thomas William Howlett married Mary Ann Benoit born 1864 in 1888 with about 6 children William 1887,peter 1890- 1892, RALPH 1891, Catherine 1893, james 1894 and Thomas William 1896-1896

    I heard she married G.W. White born 1855 Ochre Pit and she died in 1921 and Thomas William Howlett born 1860 in Goulds and he died 1895, Mary Ann Benoit died 1921. All above occurred at Caw Head Bay.

    Thomas Howlett born 1814 died 1897 married Ann Stockman 1817 to 1877 about.. He then west west as most of his family went out to Bonne Bay.
    I am related to Thomas Howlett father born 1780 to 1830

    Mike Howlett 2781 also called Michael
    Maureen 3341


    Where do I reply to I filled

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