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    Elaine Ongo

    Tracing my “Organ” family from the southwest coast and this is what I have:

    Grandfather: Robert Henry Organ; DOB (Little Bay): Sept.24.1887; DOD (LaPoile): Sept.16,1968

    He (Robert) was born to: (Gr-grandfather) George Organ (Red Island): DOB: January 14, 1845; DOD (Little Bay): October 16,1915; and
    (Gr-grandmother) Clara (Clarissa) St(r)ickland: DOB: February 25, 1857 (Lamaline); DOD (Little Bay): March 14, 1933. They were married in Lamaline on: August 24, 1871 (She was only 14!).

    Gr-grandfather: George Organ was born to: (Gr-Gr-grandfather) George and (Gr-Gr-grandmother) Eleanor Organ at Red Island on January 14, 1845. He had several siblings including May Ann (1846), James (1849), Jane (18??); and possibly Victoria, Helen, David (drowned??) and Rebecca.

    I am stuck on my Gr-Gr-grandfather, George. Based on when my Gr-grandfather was born (1845) and he was supposed to be the oldest of the family, I figured Gr-Gr Grandfather was probably at least 20 years old when he got married and that would make his DOB somewhere around 1822.

    Michael Organ (Sarah? Mary?**) had a son George, baptized at age 12 on May 5, 1835 in Isle aux Morts. That would make him born in approximately 1823, with fits with my calculations. So there is a chance that this George Organ (son of Michael) could be my Gr-Gr-grandfather.

    The next issue is trying to find out who was “Eleanor” (wife of my Gr.Gr. Grandfather)? And where did she come from?

    ** Some records say Mary, but it is my understanding that the correct name is Sarah.

    Another thing I’ve noticed based on the headstone information for Michael and Sarah (in Norris Point), the dates are as follows:
    Michael – December 24, 1803 to February 4, 1867 and
    Sarah – December 19, 1811 to April 12, 1872

    If those dates are correct, then Sarah would have been 24 years old when their sons George, John and James were baptized in 1835. Those records state their son George was 12 in 1835, so that would mean Sarah was only 12 when she had him??? Something definitely seems off. Or was Michael married twice and perhaps George is from a previous marriage? (The ages of the other boys baptized at that time were James aged 3 and John aged 1; a nine year age difference between George and James? Or perhaps they had other children between George and James who maybe died??

    Is there a possibility of another George Organ, perhaps a brother of Michael??

    If anyone has information they’d be willing to share, or perhaps they could point me in the right direction, I would be more than grateful! Many thanks.


    Elaine, I have been tracing my roots on the Hinks, Crant and Matthews sides from mostly the Fortune Bay District, West Coast, Conne River . Sarah Matthews Married Michael Organ and i have her birth dates as December 19 1834 to 1880. I have Michael Organ from 1803 to 1862
    Sarah Matthews was the daughter of John Matthews and supposedly my 2nd Grand Aunt. I am looking for any information i can get on the names above. Anything would be appreciated.

    Cliff Augot

    Hi Elaine;
    I have just been doing a little work on the Organ family as well. So far the oldest who I can connect to my family (in Fortune Bay) is David Organ who, based on his death record, was born in 1829 in Harbour Galley(Galais). So far I have not seen any indication of his parents.
    Also in the records around the same time are; Eleanor, Sarah, Elizabeth & John – all born around 1830.
    The timing would seem right for a connection to your Michael & Sarah/Mary but obviously nothing concrete at this time.
    There is also an Elizabeth Organ (possibly her married name) who died at age 80 in 1899 giving a birth date of 1819. The record indicates that she was born & died at Conne River but buried in nearby Ship Cove (St. Alban’s).
    Of course there is Samuel Organ who was born in 1814 at Sam Hitches, near Little Bay on Long Island in Hermitage Bay & who died & was buried at Ship Cove in 1893.
    Good Luck.

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