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    Wade Russell

    I am looking for information on my great-great grandfather William Russell who was born in Bay Roberts/Coley’s Point in 1840. I am trying to determine the names of his parents or any other information. I am not sure of his date of death for certain. I have found two William’s born in 1840. One died November 24, 1892 and the other May 25, 1918. The one who died in 1918 was married to a Mary. My great-great grandmother was Elizabeth so the William who died in 1918 would not be my great-great grandfather.

    William was married twice, January 2, 1870 and May 10, 1874 both times to an Elizabeth. That sounds odd but I have been able to confirm through my great-great grandmother‘s obituary in the Bay Roberts Guardian June 1923 that five children were were left. Jane Marie (married name Cooper) from the first marriage and three sons from the second marriage Stephen (my great grandfather), William and Azariah. The fifth child I only have a married name, Mrs. William Mercer.

    A bit of speculation, William may have had a brother Isaac and a sister or sister in law Mary Ann. Any information would be great. Also, if anyone is looking for information on a Russell ancestor from the area I have recorded a fair amount of information in my own notes over the years and would be happy to answer any inquiries.

    Thanks, Wade

    Geoff Martin

    Friday, September 25, 1914
    Died on Friday, Sept. 18th, Elizabeth, widow of the late William RUSSELL, aged 76 years. Funeral took place to the Methodist Cemetery on Monday.

    Obituary – There passed peacefully away on Thursday, Sept. 17th, at her residence, Coley’s Point, Priscilla FRADSHAM, widow of the late Joseph Fradsham, leaving to mourn their loss two sons, Horatio and Henry James, residing at Coley’s Point, and two daughters, Mrs. John Moore of Bay Roberts, and Mrs. John Batten, Salmon Cove, Cupids, also 13 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. The funeral took place Saturday to the S.A. Cemetery.


    You may want to revisit your theory that William was married twice based on link above.

    NB Azariah Russell, a son of William and Elizabeth, married Henrietta Fradsham, a daughter of Horatio who is mentioned above.

    Wade Russell

    Thank you Geoff for this information. I have been away from my research for a few weeks but will certainly look into this information.

    Carol Dimond

    Hi Wade,

    We are likely related. I have spent some time on this line as I have a DNA connection through to William and wife Elizabeth Mercer married in 1870, via their son Azariah.

    I have also concurred with Geoff (particularly based on the obituary of Elizabeth in 1914) that your William only married once. The obituary Geoff shared can be further complemented by the following notice a month earlier:

    Aug 1914, Bay Roberts Guardian: Mrs. Elizabeth Russell, widow of the late Wm. Russell, was taken to the Lunatic Asylum by Const. Wells on Friday last for treatment.

    So, the poor woman likely had a tough last month, and the absence of notifications about families in either of these clippings suggests there were none. And what it also indicates is that there were 2 Williams of the same vintage that married an Elizabeth, widow Mercer in this case.

    Then there was a 3rd William Russell of the same vintage that died in 1918, and was married to Mary Fradsham, agreed he was not your ancestor.

    Don’t you wish they were more creative in naming — way too many William, Elizabeth, Mary, etc names!

    I have 95% certainty that your William was the son of an Abraham and his first wife Susanna, based on corroborating evidence.

    If you are back to researching, then let me know. My Frances Russell born about 1823 is a mystery I have been working on!


    Btw, the unknown 5th child Mrs William Mercer was Elizabeth 1874-1961.

    Wade Russell

    Hi Carol, thank you so much for your response and this information. I agree, more creative naming would have helped as well as middle names! Your Azariah would be my great grandfather’s brother. He was born December 1, 1883 and died May 8, 1950 and is buried in the Pentecostal cemetery in Bay Roberts. I visited his grave a few years back with my Uncle.

    I was convinced that my great great Grandfather was married twice but I am revisiting that based on the information you and Grant have provided. Thanks as well for the information on the 5th child, that is one of the possibilities that I had in my notes.

    I will post again once I do a bit more research.

    Geoff Martin

    Wade another piece for the puzzle. Hi Carol, long time no hear. I trust all is well.

    Bay Roberts Guardian
    Friday, June 15, 1923 page

    Obituary – There passed away at Coley’s Point on June 12th, Mrs. ELIZABETH RUSSELL. The deceased lady was in apparent good health until stricken with paralysis at the home of her son. She leaves three sons, William, Azariah and Stephen Russell and two daughters, Mrs. Wm. Mercer of this town and Mrs. Adjt. Geo. Cooper of Toronto, Can. Also two brothers to mourn their sad loss. Interment was made in the Church of England cemetery on June 14th.


    NGB Death Register indicates this Elizabeth was age 79 at death so born circa 1844. She was the mother of your Azariah.

    The previous Elizabeth who died 1914 was age 76 so born a tad earlier circa 1838.

    Wade Russell

    Hi Geoff, thanks, yes I had located that obituary in the Bay Roberts Guardian. That is my great great grandmother. The son Stephen listed in the obituary is my great grandfather and his two brothers and sisters. I am fortunate to still have two uncles and one aunt on my fathers side who have been able to assist with some family information.

    Therefore I am certain that the Elizabeth who died June 15, 1923 is my great great grandmother. The one who died in 1914 is not. From census records in 1921 my great great grandmother was living with her son Azariah and before that in 1911 she was living with her daughter Mrs. Cooper in Toronto.

    I am having trouble with my great great grandfather though. As Carol mentions there were 3 Williams of that vintage. I am working on that now. My aunt believes he was born around 1840 and I have concluded that he likely died before 1911 as my great great grandmother was living with her daughter at that time.

    Thanks again to you and Carol, this is assisting me greatly, I will post again soon. By the way Carol, how are you related to Azariah. Just curious if you have figured that out. I guess Azariah would be my Great Great Uncle.


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