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    Angela Ryde

    Any assistance would be appreciated- my grand father was Herbert Clarke (DOB 1916 Stanhope)- adopted son of Herbert William Clarke and Bertha Caravan (originally from Lushes Bight). I am trying to trace his birth family- and I believe it may have been Lucy Caravan (who married a Chaulk, then later married Solomon Ball). From what I can tell they kept her 3 children from her first marriage but gave up a few of the children they had together. (Annie – adopted by James and Eliza Downton & Alex Ball- adopted by ??) We are stuck and haven’t been able to figure out what happened- why some kids were given away and others were kept. We don’t even know for sure that we’re on the right track as there isn’t correct records kept (my grand father’s birth certificate has his adopted parents on it). Feel free to email me directly at hurriedmum@outlook.com if you think you have any info/hints/advice.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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