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    Seek info on William James
    (b; 1828, d; 1913) of Trepassey,NL he married #1 Margaret E. Coady of Bay Bulls,NL. they had 6 children ; ( 1 Frances, 2 Mary both died young),3 George (M; Frances Pennell),4 Frances(died in Lawerence,Mass.USA)
    (M; Alfred White),5 Catherine(Kate) died in Lawrence,Mass.USA(M; Thomas Kinsella) ,6 Alfred James (M; Mary Fewer)
    seeking info on William ‘s parents , brothers and sisters.
    James family were C.O.E before converting to R.C
    I need to find C.O.E. records for Trepassey?
    William James married #2 Harriet Williams of Bay Bulls, NL. they had 1 child ; Augustus James
    Also have info on William James married Annie Pittman of Fox Cove ,Burin,NL., info seems to indicate this is wife # 3 ??
    Any info would be helpful
    Any help would be great, seem to be up against brick wall 
    Just don’t know where to look any more????

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