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    Josh Burke

    I was wondering if any members would like to share their experiences using a DNA test. I’ve been thinking about it but I’d like to hear some of your feedback. I should mention I don’t really understand DNA at all and it’s like reading Chinese to me. 😐

    So, were your results useful to you? Which test did you use? Were you able to understand what your results meant? Do you recommend Family Tree DNA or is there another organization you’d recommend?

    David Pike

    I’ve done a fair bit of DNA testing, both on myself as well as various family members. I’m a happy customer of Family Tree DNA. To briefly sing their praises, they offer all three of the different types of genealogical DNA test (namely Y-DNA, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA) and have consistently been pioneers in the field of genetic genealogy. They also store the DNA samples that are submitted, which makes it easy for people to later do additional tests as upgrades, without the need to submit new samples and wait for their delivery.

    There is a webpage on the FHSNL website that briefly describes the types of DNA test available. Its web address is here:
    It includes links to some other pages with more info. For instance, there is a link to a page with webinars provided by Elise Friedman… the introductory webinar is well worth viewing.

    – David.

    Eric Neil

    I had my Y-DNA done trough Family Tree DNA no hits.
    I am looking for a Spaniatds Bay Neil who is a direct decendant of the
    Barthelmue line to do the test. I am willing to pay the cost.

    Heather Goebel

    Our family has done quite a bit of DNA testing and I am hoping that more and more of us will be testing. Least expensive way right now is to test at Ancestry.com (on sale this weekend but normally about $100) and then transfer your results to FTDNA for $39. It is also helpful to add your results to the free volunteer operated Gedmatch. (I haven’t tried the new DNALand yet.) We have there at kit numbers M222426; M203038, M165958; M194816 and M711557 (all designated with hlgoebel at the end of the name of the testee). Hope to make some more connections with people who had ancestors in Grates Cove, Lower Island Cove, Quidi Vidi and St. John’s. hlgoebel at yahoo

    Karen Bearns

    I have tested with FTDna as well. I have done both the Family Finder and Full MTDna profile. I don’t understand the information at all and I have tons of matches from NL but I really can’t interpret exactly what the information is that it is provided me with. I am waiting for a male family member to do the ydna test for me so I can get some information on my father’s family line. I think it is a great tool but I don’t have a good understanding of it at all.

    Brenda Young

    I have had great luck with FTDNA and lately with GEDMATCH. I was able to match up to alot of relatives in Placentia Bay-especially Leonard and O’Reilly kin. We expanded our family tree a great deal, and confirmed our relationships. The Nl GEDMATCH Sites were also a great help-some of the people are so knowledgable about the families of Placentia Bay. I also expanded my information on Scottish relatives and again was able to go back three generations through contacts. The biggest help are the larger DNA matches-they are usually easier to determine the relationship and share info.
    I have also found relationships I do not yet understand with 8 or 10 people that match me on a chromosome. THey are likely the blanks on my tree- something to work on.
    The GEDMATCH is different because it has many handy tools and you can see who your match is related to-an expanded type of “In Common With” that allows you to see the relatives of your match. Again, it works better when people post their trees along with their DNA. I am working on Ancestry with my tree-that makes it easier to research matches.

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